Dec 17, 2010

Link Building

Link Building is an active program that increases the number of inbound links into a web site or cross-linking within a web site in order to increase that site's ranking in the search engine rankings for targeted  keywords.
As we All know there are different tactics to get backlinks.

  • One Way Link building
  • Two way link building
  • Three way link building

Observations Need to check while doing link Building:
  • Site Age.
  • Page Rank
  • Theme
  • No. of outbound Links
  • Don’t link on Duplicate content Pages
  • No follow/dofollow, check robots weather restricted page, Meta tag  no index- nofollow
  • Don’t link to Adult sites, Casino, Poker & FFA Sites.
  • Don’t reciprocal to the sites that have iframes.
  • Don’t buy & Sell Links.

As we all know that one way link building is more effective as compared to two way & 3 way link building.
Below given are some useful search queries you can use while searching for one way link building. 

  • inurl:addsite.html +education
  • intitle:education inurl:/resources.html
  • intitle:education inurl:add_link.*
  • intext:"school" inurl:add-link.html
  • +education inurl:add-link.html
  • ~education inurl:add-link.html
  • automotive inurl:add-link.html
  • insurance inurl:add-link.html
  • +keyword inurl:add_url.php
  • +keyword inurl:add_link.html(htm)
  • +keyword inurl:submit.asp
  • +keyword inurl:submit.php
  • +keyword inurl:exchange_links.html
  • +keyword inurl:suggestasite.asp
  • inurl:"[addlink.asp]"
  •  * [ITL] interview
  • * intitle:"[ITL]"
  • * [ITL] forum

Use this query in Google you can see some good results:

·         +automotive  " Before submitting your website to the link directory, please make sure you have created a reciprocal link to this site."

·         allintext:Your site content is appropriate. We reserve the right to refuse a listing to any site. We do not link to primary competitors, adult sites, gambling sites, sites with illegal or inappropriate content, "junk" link sites, or any other site that does not enhance our resource directory.

·         +automotive “An email will be sent to you after you submit this link request. You must click the activation link within the mailer in order to verify your email address. Your link request will be discarded if you do not verify your email address.”

Note :if you see the same site repeated often in the search results as shown in the below screenshot
use this search operator

+education allinurl:add-link.html


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